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This year, EquityZen celebrates a decade of bringing “Private Markets to the Public.” Doing anything for 10 years shows commitment and this is a big milestone that we are immensely proud of, and a moment that prompts reflection. 


We find ourselves looking back on the successes, lessons, people and events that have helped us to build this company and lead the movement to broaden access to a market that had previously been open only to a select few. Today, more than 600,000 of you have joined us with more entering our marketplace for the first time every day. We are humbled by the relationships that we have built and the continued trust you place in us. 


We are incredibly grateful to the team who has helped us on this mission over the past 10 years, including current employees who are building for the next 10 and beyond. As we look forward, it is the right time to reconsider the EquityZen brand to highlight who we are and reflect on who we aim to be.


We are inspired by the shareholders, investors and private companies that believe in the power of innovation found in the pre-IPO space and turn to EquityZen for access and partnership. We are especially thankful for the wonderful clients who offered us their time and insights to help us improve our experiences.


So what's new? We started with a logo that draws inspiration from Zen philosophy, like the company itself, and incorporates the concept of “The Middle Way,” a path of balance between extremes, representing harmony and growth. For the math geeks within the company and community – and there are many – it also evokes the triple bar indicating equivalence and “the power of three,” also signifying the commitment to equality through the democratization of access. Moving from the logo, a supergraphic with the central line “Path” is often used with beautiful imagery evoking the industries we serve. A broadened color palette and distinctive fonts, illustrations, icons and animation gives the system the energy and purpose of empowerment that clients know to be part of EquityZen’s core. 


We welcome you to explore our updated website and our new experiences (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), which bring to life our commitment to empower you to invest in the future you want to see. 



We look forward to the next decade in the private markets with you.


With thanks and appreciation, 


Atish Davda, EquityZen Co-Founder & CEO


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