EquityZen Knows Our Customers – and Knows Your Time is Important

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“Know Your Customer” is a FINRA rule requiring all financial institutions to know essential facts about our customers – YOU. To securely verify and manage decisions about individuals' and businesses' identities, we have partnered with Persona, a trusted identity platform backed by industry-leading investors and used by other well-known fintech companies including Square and Brex and marketplaces like Instacart. This integration helps us to maintain a secure and easy user experience for our clients while also ensuring that the highest levels of regulatory compliance standards are met. 


What this means to you: Partnering with Persona allows us to fortify our defenses against financial crime and ensure compliance through a solution that is both efficient (with wider matching capabilities than other solutions) – so we don’t waste your precious time – and secure – so you can be assured that your private information is protected. 


“Persona shares a common mission with EquityZen to help customers meet evolving security and compliance challenges,” said Zachary Van Zant, VP, Sales and Partnership, Persona. “By integrating our unified identity platform, businesses like EquityZen can adapt quickly to regulatory changes and improve onboarding rates. ”

We have initiated this for our domestic clients and anticipate extending this to our international clients in the future. While in its early days, the integration is already driving positive results for our clients. We are not only experiencing a significant increase in successful matches but also an increased accuracy as compared to our prior vendor. This has resulted in a smoother transaction experience for clients while also enhancing the operational efficiency of our Compliance team. 

As our long-term clients know, we dedicate our time to maintaining the utmost integrity and trustworthiness in all our transactions. This is one of several initiatives EquityZen is undertaking to continually improve both the client experience as well as the security and operational efficiency of EquityZen’s marketplace.


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