EquityZen Chooses Stripe Financial Connections

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EquityZen is excited to announce that it is using Stripe’s Financial Connections to enable EquityZen clients to securely share their financial data with us. 

“At EquityZen we are on a mission to broaden access to the private markets, which until recently had only been easily accessible to very wealthy and institutional investors. Today, ‘accredited investors’ are able to invest on EquityZen’s marketplace and we are dedicated to making it easier for our clients to transact,” said Sudesh Kulkarni, Head of Product for EquityZen. 


“Using Stripe allows us to make the investing process seamless for our clients by saving them time and giving them confidence that their accounts are protected and connected.  One simple integration with Stripe is able to maintain a high bar for performance at scale as our customer base continues to rapidly grow.” 


Since the integration with Stripe Financial Connections, EquityZen has seen reduced transaction processing time and a reduction in manual interventions. EquityZen expects to see further improvements as more customers continue to use this integration with Stripe Financial Connections, which is already enabling a better experience for private market investors. It is one of many ways EquityZen is focused on democratizing access to the private markets. 


Disclaimer: Investments in private companies are illiquid, may be speculative, and have substantial risks, including the risk of loss. Not all private companies will go public or get acquired.


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